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veiled the first set▓ of U.S. goods to be excluded from the first round of additiona▓l tariffs on U.S. products, ▓which will help effe▓ctively deal with economic ▓and trade frictions and ease enterprises' burdens, experts said.The exemption, ▓which covers two lists with 16 categories of goods, wil▓l be valid from Sept. 17, 2019▓, to Sept. 16, 2020, t▓he Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said in a statement.The first▓ list includes 12 categories and allows affected import enterprises to apply for refunds of levied duties within ▓si

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x months starting Wednesday.The second l▓ist includes four categorie▓s that will enjoy the exemption but▓ are not eligible for tariff refunds."The tariff exemption mechan▓ism, a common practice used in

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    the United▓ States, Canada ▓and other economies, is helping ease the imp▓act of the China-U.S. economic and t

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    rade fric▓tions and enterprises' burdens," according to Chen Huaisheng, a legal expert with the China Chamber

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    of International Commerce.Zhao Zhiping, deputy secretary g▓eneral of the China Petroleum and Chemical▓ Indu

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